Trio Chemirani - Dawâr (2015)

Trio Chemirani

Dawâr (2015)

40 years after his first solo recording for harmonia mundi, Djamchid Chemirani (born in Tehran in 1942) has continued to develop his career, aided by his two sons, Kevyan and Bijan. They have each nourished their craft as musicians by exploring a variety of sound worlds and introducing different cultural and life experiences to the mix. However, they always return to their common goal: to create a universal rhythmic language. Dawâr is the pinnacle of this journey; never have the Chemirani's had such a limpid sound, born from the close fusion of their drum beats; it is through the jubilant awareness of the work they create together, that they achieve the spiritual transcendence so highly regarded within Iranian culture.

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