Kevin Seddiki & Bijan Chemirani

Guitarist Kevin Seddiki of French, Algerian and Italian descent, is the winner of the prestigious European Guitar Award. At ease on stage or in studio with artists such as Al di Meola or Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba, this composer and arranger of works for the guitar has an instinctive relationship to stringed instruments. He is also particularly fond of percussive instruments like the zarb, an Iranian drum-shaped wooden chalice and for which his friend Bijan Chemirani has become a reference world-wide.

Bijan is following in the footsteps of his father, Djamchid (teacher and collaborator of Béjart and Peter Brooks) and his brother Keyvan who were already masters in the late 90's when they created the now famous Chemiani Trio (which has played with musicians such as Titi Robin, Omar Sosa, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Ross Daly, Sylvain Luc or Ballaké Sissoko). Bijan is drawn to eclectic projects and workds with artists like Padovani Tessot-Gay (Noir Desire). He also appears on the latest Sting album.

Albums from this project

Kevin Seddiki & Bijan Chemirani - Imaginarium (2013)

Kevin Seddiki & Bijan Chemirani

Imaginarium (2013)

The Seddiki and Chemirani duo is an inspired and delicately adorned dialogue of voyage to the edge of jazz, classical and world music. From Persia to Andalusia, Argentina to Africa, their evocative pieces unravel and illuminate their sense of space and acoustic finesse. Dreamy flshes of agile strings and the delicat touch of the percussion, bright polyrhythm to modernise tradition far from any elitisme... Like Persian poetry, the influence of Mediterranean heritage here, creates an atmosphere of grace and harmony, a haven of peace that gives way to complete serenity.

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Kevin Seddiki & Bijan Chemirani