Trio Lopez-Petrakis-Chemirani

This trio brings together three young musicians who compose and perform their own music, which is influenced by various musical genres of the Mediterranean area, which is where they all come from.

Stelios Petrakis, a young composer and virtuoso lyra and lute player from the island of Crete, has always been interested in musical exchanges between musicians from different musical backgrounds.

Efrén López, a multi-instrumentalist – he plays the hurdy-gurdy, rabab, ud, fretless guitar and kopuz – and composer from Valencia, Spain, has spent years travelling in the Mediterranean area, the Middle East and Afghanistan, and studying their various musical idioms. He is the founder and director of the Valencian group L'ham de foc.

Albums from this project

Trio Lopez-Petrakis-Chemirani - Mavra Froudia (2010)

Trio Lopez-Petrakis-Chemirani

Mavra Froudia (2010)

"It is quite rare to find, in so-called world music, a unique and original meeting of cultures, striking in its obvious, organic and modest simplicity. As if that is the way things should be, without artificial political/artistic/cultural conventions and free of the new-age baggage of superficial slogans about one world without borders. But that is exactly the magic behind the Mediterranean trio of Cretan lyra player Stelios Petrakis, Spanish multi-instrumentalist Efrén López and Iranian/French percussionist Bijan Chemirani (son of the great Iranian zarb master Djamshid Chemirani). " All about Jazz

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Trio Lopez-Petrakis-Chemirani